FortNite Season 5 is here – and this is what you should know

FortNite Season 5 is here - And this is what you should know

Alrighty now gamers, Season 5 of Fortnite has been out for a few days now. The update brings with it new content and features. First thing first, The servers are back up and running now but if some of you guys have noticed the game if very buggy. Many Pc Players are reporting that they are having voice chat issues and a few other minor bugs, but all those problems are expected to be fixed in a few days to weeks when patches start rolling out. Now that we are done talking about the issues lets talk about some of the more enjoyable things I noticed in the patch lets kick it off with the skins 



The First skin we see is the sledge hammer skin it consists of a flak jacket helmet and pants, Personally its my least favorite skin of season 5 but overall it is still a pretty decent skin to have. If your into the special ops look you might want to give this skin a look it might just be perfect for you.



Sledge Hammer

Coming in at number two we have my favorite skin I liked the most from the update is No other than the good himself from the underworld Anubis. This skin is pretty self explanatory pretty awesome looking, check it out


The Final skin I am going to mention is the Ragnarok skin i must admit this skin as well is awesome I am  not going to spend all day explaining what i like and dislike about i will let you decide that for yourself. Alright, I think we have spent enough times on skin lets move on onto to some new features they have included into the update. Check out this video is you want a list of all the added skins in the season 5 update



rifts are small blue shimmers that hover in the air around the map. Their locations are mostly random, though they do seem to crop up around the same spaces more often than not, so now your probably wondering well what exactly do they do? well i’ll tell ya Rifts are use for teleportation to help you get around the map quickly. When you pick up  these blue orbs a portal will open up in the sky allowing you to fall using your glider to navigate where you want to land this can be very useful when your trying to make a quick get away from the storm or preposition yourself to a safe location 


Tired of walking? The season 5 update  brings in a brand new vehicle the golf cart this thing is pretty fast its faster than the shopping cart and it can carry you and your other 3 buddies so that is  a total of four people riding together. What makes this even better you ask? You can even shoot from it, Be sure to check this thing out. This thing can cut travelling time in half 

Map Add-On's

Finally We got some cool add-on’s. The first change we see is that Misty Mire is no longer a thing it was replaced with a new large desert called paradise palms it looks like a fairly unnatural town due to the fact that its out in the middle of the desert the good news though is that the race track still remains though now its been paved. The desert makes for a much different-looking map as you make your way across in the battle-bus.

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