Everything We Know about DeathTrash

Everything We Know About "DeathTrash"

Death Trash is a action role playing game developed by  talecrafter. The game will have  combat, stealth, dialogue, inventory, attributes, skills, item crafting and psi powers where you fight against machines and larger-than-life beings or become their friend.

The game will also feature character customization such as stats and making choices, so prepare to  take a journey through a story-based campaign with lots of freedom and side missions.

The game has a unique story “Humankind traveled to the stars and settled on the planet Nexus with its ancient secrets of stone and flesh. The machines were installed as protectors, but they were corrupted and brought terror.You are a raider among the ruins of the past.But fate might lead you to the Bleeding Head Oracle, the Evergrowing Heart and towards a war with the machines, giving you the power to mend or destroy.”

The Game has no release date and is currently only Exclusive to PC there are plans for other platforms releases 

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