Battle of the Battle Royales, who’s on Top? PUBG vs Fortnite

Battle of the Battle Royales, who's on top? PUBG vs Fortnite

Last year saw the unexpected meteoric rise of the battle royale genre with PUBG and Fortnite being the most popular. The genre has now seemingly caught the eyes of the big fishes in the gaming industry with Call of Duty and Battlefield both creating their own innovative touch on the Battle Royale scene in their upcoming releases but until we can get our hands on those games, we must put our judgements to rest leaving just one question on the tip of every gamers tongue, who’s on top?

Before we get started discussing this heated debate and determining our winner, I find it is important to mention that both games boast extremely healthy player bases that go un-rivalled by any other game other than themselves and that both have impacted the gaming world in a way no other has for a long time. They have both revolutionized gaming in so many different ways and in a world seemingly full of corporate greed, it’s nothing short of refreshing.

Many of you have probably already got your minds made up in this battle of two BR juggernauts while some of you are probably sat on the fence and while there isn’t an actual definitive way to find out which is the better game as it’s all personal preference at the end of the day, there is, however, a way to find out which is on top, with a few factors here anf there!

Let’s start by getting the most go-to argument between these two games fans, and that’s the numbers. Definitely, a tricky subject to discuss down to many factors from PUBG’s longer lifespan, starting out a few months prior, right down to the fact Fortnite is a free-to-play game so let’s dive in deep and see who will be taking round one! Right now, Fortnite is enjoying a substantially larger player base over their heated rivals with PUBG’s with a mesmerizing 125 million players as reported by Epic Games themselves on June 13th of this year compared to PUBG’s estimated 70 million. With concurrent players, PUBG held the record for some time with an impressive 3.2 million players in-game, before being surpassed by Fortnite with a new record of 3.4 million concurrent users. Interestingly, Player Unknown’s has been dealing with a decrease in interest lately with a cruel 50% decrease in players since January of this year on Steam, all while Fortnite’s numbers continues to climb comfortably meaning only one game could possibly take the prize in this round. While the fact still remains that Fortnite being free has certainly impacted the player count, it can’t be denied its success in numbers is un-matched and being a free game certainly hasn’t been detrimental to the profits, a point I will be moving on to next but as things stand, 1-0 Fortnite.

Success in a business sense is weighed up only by profits, as much as we try to ignore it, sadly it’s true. There is more than one way of looking at things here, we can judge total revenue, current revenue and future revenue. While most fans may not care too much about this side of the market, it is certainly interesting to dive into it for some! Epic Games have been raking in a cool 300 million dollars in each of the last 2 months alone while statistics aren’t exactly as clear for PUBG, it is estimated to be half what their rivals made. But as previously mentioned, current profit isn’t the full story and last year alone, Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds made an astonishing 700 million in 2017 alone but the future is looking to favor Fortnite with their continuing growth and a huge competitive edge in this field, another point must be awarded in their favor. Fortnite 2 PUBG 0.

So, we have discussed player count and revenue, how about the juicy stuff? This round will be dedicated to everything regarding gameplay. Where do we start? The two games may share the same genre but they are far from being the same. PUBG offers you a down to earth, realistic battle royale scenario with a ton of different playing styles at your disposal accompanied with plenty of different guns to take you to that final zone and are quite frankly more appreciated than the guns in their counter-parts game while Fortnite takes a more light-hearted, goofy take on the genre, effectively letting you run wild and do as you please. Fortnite appeals to the casual gamer more so than PUBG, a type of gamer they are forever trying to cater to, while it’s quite the opposite on the other hand. It can feel like you are in deep water when starting out in PUBG but the ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ is generally a more rewarding feeling than the much desired ‘victory royale’ everyone chases. Epic Games have recognized a repetitive trend in the playstyles picking up the W’s and that is the repeated use of spammed explosives in the final circle, since going to the efforts to nerf them in the game while also planning a nerf to the core component of its gameplay, the thing that sets it apart from the pack, it’s building, much to the annoyance of its fans. Another playing factor in this debate is that PUBG doesn’t just isolate you to a single map, instead you have a choice in a growing list of maps the developers are providing their players. For these reasons stated, the round can only go to PUBG, 2-1, game-on!

A game isn’t anything without its loyal following and PUBG is host to one of the most loyal groups out there. Ask any PUBG fan how they feel about the fierce debate between the two games and you will be met with such passion and devotion, unmatched by any other fanbase. Forums, social media, whatever else you can get your hand on, the bark of a PUBG fan is far louder than the one of a Fortnite player and while Fortnite have a pretty special fanbase themselves that has become a culture in the mainstream, it’s impossible to ignore a group like the ones that surround PUBG, it’s all level at 2-2!

In terms of stability of either game, neither one of them have a clean slate here, they both have had their fair share of bugs and glitches and both sides will argue their counter-parts are worse off but who really suffers with the worst performance? In this equation we will be ignoring the Xbox edition of PUBG due to its extremely rocky start and to a certain extent, game-breaking problems remain to this day, instead our focus is on the PC versions of both games. For the most part, you can jump into both games trouble free but it seems the problems are much more prominent on PUBG, from exploits to glitches in vehicles causing you to soar high into the sky and free fall into down to the ground without the comfort of a parachute and while from time to time you will get clipped from beneath the map but if you’ve been affected by this one, you are one of the unfortunate ones as it doesn’t happen often and any issues are patched up consistently! The glitches from PUBG are the sort of glitches that will, without fail, take you out of the immersion and ruin the experience for you and for that reason, Fortnite takes the point, 3-2!

This point will be dedicated to platforms and you can be PUBG’s biggest die-hard supporter and even you have got to admit Fortnite blows all of their competition out of the water and we are not just talking PUBG, but every single other gaming franchise in the world! It’s simply revolutionary! If you have a friend on the Nintendo switch and you’re on mobile, no problem. If you enjoy your Fortnite on your PC but your bestie runs Xbox, don’t sweat it for Epic Games have got you covered! They do however have one set back, Sony is dead against cross-play, blocking all cross-play and cross-progression with both the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One but that is a topic for another time. PUBG do however have multi-platforms with their mobile and Xbox versions as well as the PC but all without the cross-play feature while Fortnite has PC, Xbox, Playstation, the Switch and mobile. In this round, Fortnite KO’s PUBG, 4-2!

Let’s talk about developer support, shall we? A defining part of Fortnite Battle Royale’s huge success is largely down to the developer’s innovative ways and while the cosmetic scene can be seen as a manipulative problem, you get what you paid for and you can only wish other developers would follow suit, we’re looking at you Activision! While PUBG has done a great job keeping on top of bugs and glitches, Epic Games have been consistently updating the game week in and week out, keeping the game fresher than ever. In this list, on this day, Fortnite is getting the ‘Victory Royale’ with the score finishing at 5-2 but what we have learnt about gaming over the years is there isn’t a predictable moment in this crazy world of gaming and either game could fall off or rapidly grow further more and one thing that is important to remember is both games cater to different audiences from the same crowd in a way even Call of Duty verses Battlefield can’t match.

Agree or disagree with what’s been said? Have I missed anything out that will completely change the battlefield? Are you team PUBG or team Fortnite? Have your say! Let your feelings be known, I look forward to seeing the discussion unfold, after all, it’s the player’s opinion that matters the most!

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